• Distributed Solar

    Solar panels are being installed in California school parking lots.

    Distributed Solar
  • Centralized Solar

    Solar power project in Ivanpah Valley, California needs government subsidy just to stay in operation.

    Centralized Solar
  • Onshore wind

    Onshore wind farms can be a major eyesore, and need government subsidies, especially for transmission lines.

    Onshore wind
  • Offshore Wind

    Offshore wind farms are expensive, and are also opposed as an eyesore.  They face many regulatory and environmental hurdles in the U.S.

    Offshore Wind

Think small for nascent alternative energy technologies

Think small for nascent alternative energy technologies

Alternative energy sources are needed in the long run, but have obstacles to implementation in today's financial and political climate. With dropping oil prices and a Congress less inclined to fund … [Read more...]

Distributed Energy Generation Alternatives

Distributed energy generation alternatives

Sources of clean energy may be offshore or onshore, each with advantages and disadvantages.  Offshore development has technical and bureaucratic hurdles that will keep it from being an important … [Read more...]

Write off the Pacific Offshore? – or – The last best hope for Pacific discoveries.

Write off the Pacific offshore?  — or —  The last best hope for new Pacific discoveries.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and the Minerals Management Service before it have ranked the Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and Oceanside basins (not necessarily in that order) as the best … [Read more...]